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Uber-Geek is proud to Announce the Opening of the Turing::AI Hunter website - www.uber-geek.ca/games/turing/ - Check it out & get up-to-date on the latest & greatest under development here at Uber-Geek!!

Uber-Geek is an Independent Production Company run by the Gekido Design Group.

Based out of beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Uber-Geek provides cutting edge Game Technologies, Developer Support & Tools for Independent Game Developers as well as a full range of audio, video & web production services for Game Developers, Bands & Corporate Clients.

A few of the Websites in the Uber-Geek community include:

  • Reality Factory Open Source Project - Freely Available Game Engine for Non-Programmers
  • Reality Factory Developers Network - Premium Site for Reality Factory developers, providing Tutorials, Content & online collaboration tools for the Indie Game Development Community
  • UnderDog Studios - 24 track Digital Recording Studio for Audio production, voice overs, sound track recording, mastering and much more
  • Pure Anarchy dot Net - Underground Music, Gaming & IndyMedia site
  • Radio dot Pure Anarchy dot Net - Our Indie Music Station, Streaming 24-7 underground, alternative & metal

Uber-Geek is also in the process of developing a web-based publishing model that will bring together Independent Musicians, Game Developers and Video Producers into a single e-commerce portal. Stay tuned for more news (coming January 2003).

Providing Garage Artists the ability to get their creations out to the world is the major stumbling block of many indies. Uber-Geek will provide the online storefront, fulfill your orders & get your creations out into the world!!!

For more info on working with Uber-Geek, please contact sales@uber-geek.ca

Uber-Geek is proud to be partnered with Opus Systems Solutions for all Hosting & Server Adminstration - For Excellent Linux-Based Webhosting, Email & Networking Solutions, choose Opus!!

Contact Uber-Geek for a custom Quote Today!!

Email: sales@uber-geek.ca

Telephone: (604) 779-7462

ICQ: 68803198


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